Study on the Personality of the Digital Native Leader

This study is part of a master thesis conducted at the university of applied sciences, HTW Berlin.

Dear Global Shaper,

I am currently conducting a study on the Personality of the Digital Native Leader and Entrepreneur throughout the Global Shaper Community and are right now within the quantitative part of the study.

The objective of this research project is to provide a descriptive insight into the personality of young digital native leaders and entrepreneurs by studying the most significant personality traits, values, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, motives as well as biographical influences. Global Shaper community members have been chosen as a target group for this study since Global Shapers are a pre-selected group of young, passionate and talented digital leaders and entrepreneurs.

For this purpose I am searching for Global Shapers who are willing to participate in a brief survey.

The survey will require approximately 10 minutes of your time. All answers are entirely anonymous.

To make this research project a success I am dependent on your help as participant and would kindly ask you to support me by forwarding this mail to other Global Shapers!

Your benefits as participant:

  1. Get unique and unprecedented insights into the personality of young leaders and entrepreneurs. Get insights in the secrets of success of Global Shapers throughout the globe. Get a free copy to the full research results.
  2. Get the chance to win a unique one-on-one “Gap to Global Leader” coaching session with Jan Brecke ( where you will be able to assess your abilities and skills and fine tune your personal growth roadmap on your way to becoming a global leader.
  3. Contribute to a high impact research project with potential further publications within considerable journals such as the Harvard Business Manager.
  4. Chance to win further rewards:
    1. Accommodation for a weekend (2 nights) in a 4* holiday apartment  in the Black Forest (
    2. One of 4 vouchers for a free night in a 4* holiday apartment in the Black Forest

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution and support,

Kind regards,

Simon Helmle

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